Welcome to Raya's Dungeon

Don't be fooled by outward appearances. This is not your usual glimpse into the convolutions of the English language. This is, as the name implies, a dungeon. And Raya is the cruel dungeon mistress. If you enter these depths, you will be stretched on the rack of nouns and adverbs, pierced by the darts of exclamation marks and *shudder* commas. You will be impaled upon the prongs of teasers and *gasp* voice. You will be tortured by allusions to redundancy and possession...yes, possession. I have warned you. Enter these halls at your own peril. If you survive, you may emerge, pale and shaken (by laughter), possessed by a new knowledge that might, just might, limber your tongue and jumpstart your pen.

The chambers of the dungeon

Chamber 01 - Raya's Pleasure Palace of Perfect Punctuation
Chamber 02 - Raya's Terrible Cauldron of Traumatized Commas
Chamber 03 - Mutilating Modifiers and Damaging Dirty Dangling Participles
Chamber 04 - Being Beheaded on the Writer's Block

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