A gaming guild that supports family caring
- an
d learning and love of the games we play.
In mediaeval times, carillons were used to ring out
messages of warning or, more often,
messages of joyous celebration.


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Welcome to Carillon. The rules are simple. Respect and caring. The Golden Rule. We are a family. Heading up the family are Raydiance Alive and Patrynn Ironfist, a RL married couple. Membership is by invitation only. If you would like to join Carillon, come and meet Ray and Pat -- get to know them. Get to know some of our other lively members. Visit our forum and read the Welcome speech :) Put your feet up at the fire and chat. (Updated 6-26-03)


A lot has happened since June 1st. Many of the people who were in ATITD have moved on. We are still maintaining a forum for it, but it has ultimately not played as big a part in the guild as we thought. Pat and I are playing EVE Online a lot. Siofra and Grim are heavily involved in other games but still manage to get to Manic Mondays now and then. Reielle is working full time and has a hard time getting into the game to play. Snowghost has become the ladies' man of the Tunare server, and Amberfox and Micronta continue to make things fun for everyone they meet. Heathyr and Kareesh are still a-feuding (in fun, of course), Matawno is taking a hiatus, and Framunda got married to the lovely Khmere. And Sylea is back with us, large as life and twice as beautiful!!

Pat is still in love with EQ and has started to play more of it again...at least 2-3 times a week. He is still committed to leading the Manic Monday raids (meet at 9pm Eastern every Monday at the Carillon spot near the tree beside the halfling bank in PoK - join channel /MMonday). And I am committed to backing him and Carillon. With the new forum and the new website, we are hoping people will feel more at home.

UPDATE 6-01-04:

Another love has entered our lives...Egypt in the desert. Yes, you heard right...Egypt...specifically A Tale in the Desert. Although is has not entirely replaced our first love (EverQuest), this game has become a compelling part of many Carilloners' lives. Therefore we have added a new part to our forums, which is--by and large--totally separate from the EQ gaming side of Carillon. While it is true that many members of the EQ division have also joined A Tale in the Desert (or ATITD as it is more commonly known), we also have Carillon in the Desert members who are not a part of the EQ division (and vice versa).

UPDATE 2-27-04:

Because of the desire to help Carillon grow in the direction of EverQuest, after long and careful thought Pat and I have decided to discontinue Carillon's two non-EQ divisions, i.e. Neverwinter Nights (NWN) and Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). These two latter divisions were an experiment that didn't really work the way we had intended. And it was becoming too time-consuming to deal with them the way they deserved.

We want to thank everyone who tried them out...and especially the moderators of these divisions -- Tooncis (Barbarella) for the SWG division -- and Jasarina and Drakhuul for the NWN division.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us -- Raydiance Alive or Patrynn Ironfist.

Some things to note for the EQ portion of Carillon (server is Tunare): (updated 10-19-04)

1. We are small -- and are not looking to expand rapidly. It is more important to us to maintain the friendly, helpful and fun atmosphere that has been established in Carillon. However, our vision is to establish three solid and balanced groups of members so that we can take on most events and areas within the guild.

2. For larger or higher-end raiding purposes, we will seek out mutually cooperative grouping with our friendship guilds or allies.

3. You may belong to other guilds. Alts are welcome. We understand that your other-guilded main will owe loyalty to his/her originating guild. However, in order to avoid misunderstanding, we want to point out that your alt's loyalty is with Carillon.

4. You are not required to do anything in Carillon, except follow the Golden Rule with caring and compassion, and also the following:

(a) We ask you to keep yourself informed of events within Carillon. The main avenue for information is the Carillon message boards. We also try to put up a Guild Message of the Day in-game. However that is only readable by guilded members. Please do not rely on others to keep you informed. That is your responsibility.

(b) The other thing we ask you is to maintain a friendly, positive environment in the guild chat channel. If you have concerns or problems with ANYTHING about the guild, PLEASE come to Pat and/or Ray and discuss it. We will try our very best to address your concerns. If it is urgent and neither Pat nor Ray is available, contact one of Carillon's officers in-game...currently Reielle, Sylea, Snowghost, and Heathyr, or any of their alts.

5. We encourage people to do their thing in Carillon. Whatever you enjoy doing, be it leadership, trade skills, socializing, serious play -- you will receive encouragement and backing.

6. The prime motivation in Carillon is a caring atmosphere geared to having fun and sharing our experiences, whether it is in actual grouping, via our reserved chat channel, or simply on the Carillon message boards.