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- an
d learning and love of the games we play.
In mediaeval times, carillons were used to ring out
messages of warning or, more often,
messages of joyous celebration.


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The following is the seventh draft of Carillon's Charter. This new draft accommodates the removal of references to Guild Magic, inclusion of the addition of Officers in Carillon, and an expansion of the responsibilities of a full member.(Updated 10-23-04)


General Guild Structure

Carillon is a family guild based on the principles of caring and sharing. The Golden Rule is our basic creed, both within the guild and with other players in the game. In an attempt to sidestep politics and get on with the playing of our games of choice, we have structured Carillon as a family unit. The head of the family is Raydiance Alive...with Patrynn Ironfist as the grampa or patriarch...i.e. the last court of appeal.

We have now included officers in the structure. This is mainly to provide more services to the family members. With EVERYTHING depending on Pat and Ray, some things were falling through the cracks.

Everyone else in the guild is an honored member of the family. Everyone has equal say...everyone has equal input. If a dispute arises, we all discuss it...like a family. If there is a deadlock, we either put it aside...or it goes to discussion of the officers and Pat and Ray. If this unit cannot arrive at a decision, it goes to Raydiance...and finally to Patrynn. If Patrynn is forced to make a decision, his decision will be final and will be honored.

Purpose of the Guild

The main purpose of Carillon is to provide a stress-free environment to perpetuate the enjoyment of EverQuest. Each member, as far as is possible, agrees to back other members in the pursuit of being able to relax and enjoy the game.

We have inherited a rich world (EverQuest) to adventure in. Far too often some people only look at what they can get and not what the world truly has to offer. Carillon will assist people in the adventuring part so that our members will have a better chance of enjoying the splendor and diversity of Norrath.

Carillon encourages members to come up with goals for themselves in the game, so that they know what they want out of it. Carillon will help its members achieve their goals insofar as is possible. Anyone who would like to see events or special nights started is encouraged to step up and take the lead to organize them. Carillon will back people in their leadership projects, in their goals, and help them carry them out.

With respect to raiding, we never do plan to have enough to carry on the uber high end raids ourselves. We are looking to enhance Carillon by aiming towards having three capable and well balanced groups of skilled players within the guild, to be able to enjoy the high end game within our own ranks. Note that we are NOT and never will be a raiding guild. However, raids add to the enjoyment of game play and are necessary for specific quests, including attaining epic items. For the raids that need more manpower, we look to other friendly guilds for support.


Applicant: A player who wishes to become a candidate to Carillon. It is the applicant’s responsibility to read the Charter, Guidelines and Procedures of Carillon thoroughly. S/he also needs to make him/herself available to play with any two officers of Carillon (and later, Pat and Ray) as required (see Procedure for Admission of Applicants). The applicant must complete an application on the Applicant's Corner.

Application: The written request from an applicant to join Carillon. The form for this is found in a stickied post in the Applicant's Corner. The applicant copies this form, creates a new thread in Applicant's Corner, fills out the form with his/her details, and posts it for the information of the members.

Candidate: An applicant who has been invited into Carillon on a 30-day probationary basis.

Carillon Alt: Any character guilded in Carillon that is NOT a Carillon Main.

Carillon Chat Channel: A chat channel set up as the official channel for Carillon candidates and members. It is particularly useful for the Carillon people whose mains are in other guilds. They can play their mains or alts and still stay in communication with their Carillon guildees. The name and password of the Carillon Chat Channel shall NOT be given out to anyone other than candidates and members. (The Carillon Chat Channel is not to be confused with the Carillon Guild Channel which is automatically part of a guilded member's communication.)

Carillon Main: Since some Carillon members have their high level main character in other guilds, the Carillon Main is the highest level character (or the character designated by the player as their Carillon main) that is guilded in Carillon. This is not to be confused with the player’s high level main guilded in another guild (for example – Forte, a level 67 mage, is guilded in another guild. His 46 warrior, Trommel, is guilded in Carillon. Therefore, Trommel is Forte ’s Carillon main.).

Guild Leaders: Currently Raydiance and Patrynn are the co-leaders of Carillon. They are concerned with the day-to-day running of the guild. They update the website, communicate via email and the forum as necessary, work with the officers to draft policies and procedures for further input, comments and approval by family members. They, along with the officers, arbitrate disputes between family members. They investigate and negotiate possible alliances with other guilds for final approval by family members.

Member, Full Member or Family Member (these terms are interchangeable): A player who is either an originating member or who has successfully received all yes votes after his/her probationary period as a candidate and has been admitted to Carillon. These members all have equal status within Carillon and have equal say in the policies and procedures put in place in order to give structure and clarity to the guild. For any voting procedure, a member, full member or family member includes the player's Carillon main and Carillon alts, that is, the player is entitled to one vote. Otherwise, each Carillon main and each Carillon alt is accorded the same privileges, respects, obligations and rights that attach to a member, full member or family member.

Officer: A family member selected by Pat and Ray to assist in the day to day running of the guild. Officers may invite applicants to be candidates and alts of guilded members to also be family members. Officers need to know this Charter well and be able to provide answers to applicants, candidates and family members on the guild. Officers help Pat and Ray with the day to day running of the guild, including changing of the Guild Motto of the Day in game as necessary, arbitrating disputes between members, and being ambassadors of Carillon to other guilds and players.

Originating Member: One of 14 family members who helped with the creation online of Carillon and were instrumental in getting the guild up on her feet and ready to go. These are: Raydiance, Patrynn, Borrah, Cajole, Fineus, Framunda, Jasarina, Lindain, Rakoril (Treebranch), Reielle, Stinkle, Tooncis, Tudora, Wylen (Qath). (* Those in black are retired from the guild -- some no longer play EQ.)

Pat and/or Ray (or any variations thereof): See definitions for Guild Leaders.

Patriarch: Currently Patrynn. If the guild leaders and officers cannot together resolve a dispute, then the Patriarch will have the final and absolute decision. This decision will be backed 100% by the guild leader and the family members. The Patriarch also heads up the investigation and negotiation of possible alliances with other guilds for final approval by family members.

Recommending Member: A full member who knows someone s/he thinks would be a compatible member in the EQ division of Carillon and introduces that person as an applicant to Carillon. It is the recommending member’s responsibility to direct the applicant to the Carillon website and forum and to explain the application procedure to the applicant.

Application Process and Voting Procedures

Procedure for Admission of Applicants as Candidates:

**1. No applicant shall be admitted as a candidate unless s/he is recommended by at least one family member, has posted an application on the Applicant's Corner, and has played in-game at least once with any two officers of Carillon. The resulting candidate must then arrange to play with Pat and/or Ray at least once before the end of his/her candidacy and the vote by the membership.**

2. Serious applicants may be given the name and password to the Carillon chat channel only in the discretion of the recommending member and only after the applicant has put up their application to become a candidate in the Applicant's Corner. No other casual person may be given the name and password to the Carillon chat channel.

3. If Pat and/or Ray feel more play time with the applicant is necessary, they will ask the recommending member to arrange this time with the applicant.

4. Whether or not an applicant is invited as a candidate to Carillon will be in the sole discretion of Pat and Ray.

Rights and Obligations of Candidates:

1. Once an applicant becomes a candidate, they are accorded all the rights and privileges of a family member EXCEPT for the following:

- access to Full Members Forum
- guilding of Carillon alts until after the vote
- voting privileges on guild matters
- recommending other applicants unless approved by a family member as well

2. It is the candidate’s obligation to get to know the rest of the family. Alternatively, it is the family members' responsibility to get to know the candidate. Each party needs to feel comfortable with the other…so that true family feeling can be nurtured. It is the recommending member's responsibility to ensure that the candidate gets opportunities to meet the other members and to introduce him/her to the other members of the guild.

3. The candidate will wear the guild tag, share the guild channel and the Carillon chat channel. S/he will have access to all passworded member forums, except the Full Members Forum. The candidate may also be asked for input on certain guild matters.

4. As stated above, the candidate must arrange to play with Pat and Ray at least once before the end of his/her probationary period.

5. At the end of the 30-day probationary period, Ray will put up a voting poll in the Full Members Forum.

Voting Procedures:

1. The time span of the poll will be one week, which will encompass the 30th day of the probationary period. The poll will be locked at midnight EST on the last day of polling. Results will be announced the following morning.

2. Each family member is entitled to one vote for the candidate…either yes or no.

3. Except in extenuating circumstances, a family member must vote in person, using his/her regular EzBoard account. Only one vote per family member will be accepted.

4. If a family member votes yes, s/he may or may not add in the thread below WHY the yes vote, in his/her sole discretion.

5. No votes:

- If a family member votes no, s/he must add in the thread below his/her reason(s) for the no vote. If the member fails to do so, the no vote will be discarded.

- If the no-voting member has indicated his/her reason, a discussion in the thread will take place by all full members who wish to take part.

- If the concern can be resolved, the no vote will be discarded.

- If the concern cannot be resolved, the candidate will be denied full admission to Carillon. S/he may be given a further 30-day probationary period OR s/he may be deguilded, depending on the outcome of the discussion. It will be up to the recommending member to explain the circumstances to the candidate. Further conversation may be entered into with Ray and/or Pat.

6. Abstaining votes will not be an option. A family member may decide NOT to vote, and that is his/her right. However, it is good to be aware that once a candidate has acquired 100% yes votes by the time the polls close, that candidate will be admitted to Carillon with all the rights and privileges of a family member.

7. A candidate MUST receive 100% YES votes and 0% NO votes in order to be admitted to Carillon as a family member. (At this time there is no minimum number of votes required. That may change.)

8. Once a candidate has passed the requirements and voted in as set out in item 7 above, s/he will be given the password to the Full Members Forum. The new family member may then have as many Carillon alts admitted to Carillon as s/he wishes (once the alts are guilded, the new family member is strongly urged to register these alts on Guild Magic as well). From then on the new family member will take his/her place as a full member of Carillon, with all the rights and obligations that this entails.

Responsibility of Guild Members to Carillon

There are few requirements of full members (other than the Golden Rule). You may belong to another guild with your alts...you may take part in any activities or no activities within Carillon. You may even just participate by being on the message board. Or just by being in game and NOT the message board (one restriction here is that most changes will be posted on the boards. If you want to keep informed, it would be a good idea to at least read the boards -- if something is taken to a vote of the membership, then you may want to exercise your rights as a member). We would ask, if you have specific problems with the guild, to bring them to Pat and Ray. Discussing them at length in the Carillon chat channel when Pat and Ray are not around can be counterproductive and dismaying to the other members who may not have that problem. Pat and Ray promise to listen to your problem and try to resolve it if possible or provide alternative solutions.

Responsibility of Carillon to Guild Members

If you are in the guild, your feelings are important to us, your fun is important to us, the atmosphere in this guild is important to us.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can have fun and be a family of EverQuest adventurers.