...specializing in affordable websites
for the individual, the hobbyist or the entrepreneur.

Prices* range from:

$50 for personal sites for the individual;

$75 for display sites for the hobbyist, association member, or job seeker; and

$100 and up for commercial sites for the entrepreneur.


WHAT TYPE OF SITE do you need?

PERSONAL WEBSITES - to create a presence for yourself on the worldwide web. Share your poetry, musings, jokes, pictures, ideas on your very own site. Personal websites make a great and affordable gift as well, starting at $50.

DISPLAY WEBSITES - to display your family tree, your hobby, your resume/curriculum vitae, or your player's guild/ social club. This kind of site may include forums or chat rooms and is a great way to invite people to communicate with you about your research, your career, or your hobby. Display websites start at $75.

COMMERCIAL WEBSITES - for the beginning entrepreneur or small organization or businessperson who wants a presence on the worldwide web without spending thousands of dollars to do it. will create a site with the right mood and feeling you need to market your product or service. Embedded search words and business descriptions are a part of this service. Commercial websites start at $100 and are dependent upon the amount of work required.

Each website contains the following:

  • a unique title or logo
  • individually created menu buttons or links
  • a unique background suitable to your style and theme
  • color themes suited to your personality, presentation or business
  • individual attention to your web design needs and wants
  • free web site hosting (OR banner-free hosting at $6.95 per month)
  • compelling text created by a professional writer
  • website upgrades and maintenance available

You also get to select the look. For some ideas, return to the type you chose and take a closer look at other sites created by ... each site beautiful and unique ... or glance through our Gallery for other ideas.

* Note all prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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