Tony and friend
(Tony's the one on the left)

was started by -- surprise!! -- two Bells - Alex and Tony Bell, that is. The two partners are married and actually met on the Internet. They lived nearly 8,000 miles apart at the time but found they had a huge number of interests in common, including web design. After a year of web friendship, Tony travelled across the Pacific from New Zealand to Alex's home. They found out the love was real and got married on July 24, 1999.


TONY was the original web designer, having discovered a passion for the work at an early age. He was self-taught, learning by trial and error. As he grew in skill, he took tutorials and read books on HTML coding, web design and all the other goodies needed to create online presentations. Along with his innate talent and creativity, he soon had enough expertise to begin some of the beautiful sites he has created.

ALEX (aka Sandra in North America) was fascinated with Tony's wonderful creations. A relative newcomer to the Internet, Alex had been a professional writer and a radio personality (under her previous name Sandra Hamilton) for a major radio station in western Canada. She has had a lifelong love affair with the world of communication, color and sound, and discovering the Internet was like a dream come true - all that lovely contact with millions of people around the world. Alex began to look at websites, finding out why they were great or not so great, and started dabbling in what suited whom and why. Growing increasingly avid for this medium, she learned everything she could from Tony, from her skilled friends and tutorials online and from self-tutoring. It turned out that people really liked her designs as well.

It occurred to Alex that there should be a reasonably priced level of websites available for people who wanted a presence on the Internet but couldn't afford the high prices charged for commercial ventures. She put a package together and began offering it to selected individuals. To her delight, people loved what she had to offer and also loved the low prices.

It was inevitable that the two should form a partnership, and was born. Alex does most of the preliminary work, with input from Tony on tricky issues. Tony does the gaming site websites, with input from Alex, as well as some of the more intricate graphical designs. It works...very well.

Tony and Alex are committed to working with the client to develop the website of his/her preference and vision. In order to accommodate their clients and continue the theme of low website rates, has recently become the operator of a small webhosting site. The lowest rate for advertising free space is $5.00 (US) per month and includes 200MB of storage space, 7GB of data transfer, 50 PoP3 email accounts and 10 subdomains, plus much more. For more details on this and our other two plans, please email us.

Alex has found that working with a web-wary client (i.e. one who is not familiar with the web but wants to be a part of it) is one of the most rewarding things she has done. She enjoys helping people get their sites up and running, can recommend domain name providers with the most reasonable rates, offer suggestions regarding acquiring and setting up email accounts (three free email addresses are included with a paid account). Her delight is the gasp of pleased recognition when the client sees his/her site "up in lights."

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