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Commercial sites from are designed for the entrepreneur, small organization or businessperson. Large commercial sites generally run in the thousands of dollars. If you are just starting up or are a small business, you can't afford that kind of outlay. This is where TWO BELLS comes in.

We will design, to your specifications, a website of any number of pages (from a simple one-page display to a complicated 10-page link-up). You will pay according to the amount of work involved, and the price starts at $100. Take a look at some of the following examples of work done by us. The price for each is included to give you some idea of the range. Complete the Required Commercial Info page, send it to us, and we will give you a free estimate of what that kind of site will cost. Once you accept the quote, you can then send in half the quote as a deposit, and we can get started.

Some Commercial Sites by


One of Hollywood's very talented horror screenwriters, Carl V. Dupre, have a very loving mom and dad. They commissioned this site for him as a Christmas present last year. It was supposed to be a surprise, but wife and parents agreed it was a good idea to get Carl in on it.

It was a labor of love from start to finish, with main page and category titles, hockey mask drama/comedy faces, and entry link icons designed by Tony and me. All the information provided by Carl and his wife were carefully entered in the appropriate pages, with a LOT of research by me to back up the information. Cries of joy greeted the photos we received as Carl dug them up for us. When it was all finished, Carl loved it. He still does.

Can't divulge the cost, but it was a lot of work and we charged accordingly.

Screenwriter Carl V. Dupre's site


One of Alberta's top independent environmental service owners was looking for a reasonably priced website presence. He found out about Two Bells via our next door neighbor...his mother :D

Fred Paget is an extremely talented photographer and provided all the photos that are in this elaborate and photo-studded website. When I asked him what kind of design he wanted, he didn't know, but he did provide me with his business card (which he also wanted redesigned). I thought, aha! Navajo! -- and proceeded to design the Mesa site with that in mind.

Fred later told me Navajo was his favorite design and that he loved the pebble stone background and Navajo colors. He also told his mother that it was the best $300 he had ever spent.

Mesa Forestry and Environmental Services Ltd.


This site is a combination commercial and display site, since the young entrepreneur is the sole owner/proprietor of this accounting business. He provided me with the photo of himself (not a very good one unfortunately, but I touched it up a little) and told me generally what he wanted.

Tony and I experimented a lot with this one, but finally came up with a design that Tom liked. We also got to design his business card, using the design we created for his website logo.

A similar site from TWO BELLS would cost around $150.00 and include original logo and buttons.

Hammy Consulting Inc.


This site was designed for a very talented artist in the midwestern U.S. She couldn't afford a huge outlay to display her work, so she came to TWO BELLS WEB DESIGN for help. Although she only has two pages on her site, she has 11 portraits with links to full size viewing, for a total of 13 pages.

A similar site from TWO BELLS would cost $200.00. Nannette supplied all the photos of the artwork, plus the snapshot of herself. TWO BELLS created the rest of the graphics and the web design itself. Click on the thumbnail to the left to go to the full site.

Artwork by Nannette, Wisconsin


This site was created for Tony's mom and dad in New Zealand - another set of Two Bells. Their IMAGES online store is a mom-and-pop outfit that they have been working at for over 15 years...built it into a reliable factory and sales outlet run by the two of them - but by no means able to afford huge outlays of money.

This web design we did for love - but we gave it our best shot as far as the professional touch is concerned. Click on the thumbnail to go to the actual site. Currently it is being revised and is under construction again. There are also pages of inventory to be added. We are awaiting the photos from Mum and Dad Bell. A completed site like this would run around $350 to $500, depending on how much inventory needs to be linked up.

Elizabethan Services, Wellington, New Zealand

Images online


An interesting note...this was one of my first commercial endeavors, so I found a friend who writes great music. He graciously gave me (and the client) permission to use his music on this site, in keeping with the client's request for a relaxing, soothing atmosphere.

Riverside Relaxation Spa & Store,
New Orleans

This site was started for a client via a web developer. The background, sign graphic, buttons, layout, text color, and much of the text was created by TWO BELLS WEB DESIGN. The web developer decided to go with another background not of our making, so we simply retained our original backgrounds for viewing purposes.

Click on the thumbnail to go to the site under construction. You can also visit the site finished by the developer if you wish - at www.riversidespa.com. Just keep in mind that the background and much of the layout was not done by us in the finished product.



Size of COMMERCIAL website

- as many pages as you need to display your business.


Cost of COMMERCIAL website

- starts at $100 and goes up, depending on the amount of work required
- free estimates are given - send in the completed Required Commercial Info.


Cost of web hosting

- free for bannered site at another host
- from $5.00 per month for ad-free site (100mb space).


Cost of future maintenance / upgrades

- $10.00 per hour ($50 per year)


- see Order page.


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As with all sites created by TWO BELLS WEB DESIGN, if you have the desire, skill and web tools you are welcome to take over the maintenance of your site upon completion* - at no extra charge.

* when all outstanding balances have been paid to

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