For displaying resumes, hobbies, and sites for guilds, clubs or association displays, a website at affordable prices - starting at $75


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Display your resume and other business talents you might have on a web site for easy viewing by prospective employers.

  • The first model shown below includes 4 web-linked pages (main page, a 2-page resume, a sample report, and references) - $100.00. Without the sample report, this site would be $75.00. (Note: Laurie got the job she wanted within one month of this site going up.)
  • The second model is a 2-page link (main page, one page resume. Extensive creative text was input into this site, which is a $75.00 site. (Note: If Derrick wanted written references included as a third page, he would have been able to include them at no extra charge.


Shown to the left is the main page. Click on the thumbnail for the full page and the rest of the resume display. (Please note - the personal details have been removed to maintain confidentiality.)

Nowadays employers are cautious about opening emails with attachments. Instead of an attachment, you can send the URL (web address) of your resume site to your employer. S/he will be impressed.

Another RESUME DISPLAY Site Sample

This site was developed for a skilled systems manager and network technician. We helped Derrick pin down some of his outstanding achievements. He then used the questions in the resume part of the display info required to discern what he really wanted in a job. He was surprised and pleased that it helped him focus.




Display your hobby, your passion, the craft or sport that motivates you and keeps you sane (or crazy, as the case may be). Put out pictures of your pride and joy, prizes you have won, advertise classes you teach in your hobby, exchange items with others from your site, offer a chat room for like-minded people to chat online. A 4-page hobby display page is $75.00, including private chat room.


This is Sandra Bell's personal poetry site - just one page right now, but it will eventually develop into three or four pages or more. A professional writer, Sandra doesn't sell her poetry - it's her hobby. She shows it to friends.

A hobby display site combined with a personal site is Aigre-Doux's, shown in the Personal Site section.



Display your guild or association, the officers, members' roster, charter, how to join your guild or association, prizes and trophies won by guild/club members, upcoming events, news. A 4-page guild or association display site is $75.00. Maintenance and frequent changing of site information is available at the maintenance fee of $10 per hour. Below are samples of guild sites created by .



This site was designed for the social club Order of the Golden Rose by Tony Bell. In addition to its wealth of pages, the OGR site also has a forum or message board attached to it. To tour this site, click on the thumbnail of the main page to the left.

The standard guild or association site created by TWO BELLS WEB DESIGN includes any four of the following: a main page, a roster, a charter (or rules and regulations) page, a guild display page, a forum, a news page, a how to join page, and so on. If the volume of information is small, you may even combine two pages, such as a main page which includes news and current events- a charter page which includes how to join the club or guild, etc.



Another sample of a guild website created by Tony Bell for Rain of Steel, a former EverQuest-playing guild that is still active in other game endeavors. Click on the thumbnail to go to the site.



Size of DISPLAY web site

- four web pages
- includes a main page and your choice of several additional pages


Cost of DISPLAY web site


- $75.00 for four pages
- additional pages $10.00 each


Cost of web hosting

- free for bannered site at another host
- from $5.00 per month for ad-free site (100mb space).


Cost of future maintenance / upgrades

- $10.00 per hour
- minimum of $5.00


- see Order page


Your choice of colors
and theme

- click here for Gallery to get an idea of different backgrounds and logo styles


Information needed
from you

- click here to go to Required Display Info page



- answers are here in our FAQs-Display page (or email us)



As with all sites created by
TWO BELLS WEB DESIGN, if you have the desire, skill and web tools you are welcome to take over the maintenance of your site upon completion* - at no extra charge.

* when all outstanding balances have been paid to

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