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As with an iceberg, what shows in creations for the individual is only a small portion of what lies beneath.

  • personal websites are created with the user in mind -- what excites you? what moments of your life are special to you?
  • Your unique characteristics are woven into the website to make it your own special site, reflecting your memories, talents, photos, and dreams.
  • personal websites also make an ideal and affordable gift. This unique present will give someone you love a personal presence on the worldwide web, an Internet place to call their own.
  • With web design expertise and professional writing capabilities drawn from a 20-year writing career, your website will have the tender loving care it deserves.

Below are two samples of personal websites created by .
More samples of Two Bells Web Design sites can be seen here.

This site was created for an artist living in the American west. She is highly successful in her craft, very intelligent, wise, and full of life. Her home is a reflection of her inner and outer beauty. She loves her friends, her animals, her work, her life. The site shows some of what is on the surface of Aigre-Doux (this is her web name, by the way).

Aigre-Doux's comments when shown her web page created by

"It made me cry but soft and joyous tears. I can't express adequately how deeply I am touched. It is so perfect and it included most all the things I love....My heart is beaming with delight. I have looked at it maybe a hundred times."
(Site and quote displayed with permission of Aigre-Doux.)



Cost of preparing a similar personal site (includes four pages of text and photographs) would be $75.00

This site was created for one of the unsung heroes of our times -- a 79-year-old woman who has homesteaded in Eastern Canada, then trekked all the way out west at the request of her family to be closer to them, leaving her home and memories of over 50 years.

Margaret's comments when shown her web page created by

"Oh, my, it's wonderful. Never thought I'd ever see anything like that put up about me. Thank you so much for this!"

(Site and quote displayed with Margaret's permission.)


This site was created for a family friend, whom we know quite well. Daisy is a free-spirited, young woman - given to daydreaming and love of the simple things of life. She is proud of her accomplishments - and loves children, her family, her friends, and her pets dearly.

She was thrilled with the webpage and is excited about adding her poetry and more photos to it. Her comment was: "This is soooo cool. I really really like it."

(Site front and quote displayed with permission of Daisy.)



Size of PERSONAL website

- one to three web pages
- includes a main page and one or two auxiliary pages to portray your poetry, your musings, your photos

Cost of PERSONAL website

- $50.00 for up to three pages
- additional pages $10.00 each

Cost of web hosting

- free for bannered site at another host
- from $5.00 per month for ad-free site (100mb space).

Cost of future maintenance / upgrades

- $10.00 per hour
- or flat rate dependent upon work required - negotiable


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As with all sites created by Two Bells Web Design, if you have the desire, skill and web tools you are welcome to take over the maintenance of your site upon completion* - at no extra charge.

* when all outstanding balances have been paid to

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